The Commissioned Painting Process:


You are in complete control of every step of the painting process so you’ll know exactly how it’ll look when it is finished – no surprises – no disappointments. Your complete satisfaction is very important to me.

Step 1. Artist-Client Agreement

You will email me in detail what you'd like your painting to look like. If you have photos for reference I'll need you to email them to me also. Through emails and pics, we'll arrive at a mutual understanding of exactly what you want me to paint, what medium you want me to use and what size you want your painting.


Step 2. Email me your photo/photos

You'll email me the photo/photos that you want to turn into a painting, choose type and size, and pay a 50% advance payment via check by mail or credit card from my web site. After I receive you payment, I will start working on your photo to create a preview the way you imagine your painting to turn out. I do photo montages and other photo editing, which is absolutely free of charge to you.


Step 3. I Email a Sketch of the Painting

I'll email you a rough sketch or digital image/images of how you want your painting to look for your approval or modification.


Step 4. I start painting your photo

After we agree on how your painting is to look, size, and medium used, etc, I start painting it. I specialize in different styles and media (charcoal, pencil, watercolor, oil, and acrylic). I choose the most suitable image and painting surface to use.


Step 5. I inspect the painting

After I have completed your commissioned painting, I’ll inspect the painting. If it does not meet my quality standards, I will modify it to meet your specifications, or repaint it altogether.


Step 6. I upload a photo of your painting

I'll email you a photo of your painting to my website, so you can review it and confirm, or ask for modifications. You will be informed by email when your commission is ready for you to review.


Step 7. Confirm The Painting

After you review your painting, you confirm the finished painting via email. When confirming your painting, you will be asked to pay the balance.


Step 8. I deliver the painted portrait / Landscape to you

After I receive the balance, your painting will be shipped by express delivery, rolled in a tube or on canvas stretchers, or whatever method we agree on to the address you have provided.


Cancellation: In the unlikely event that the artist or the client should cancel the job for any reason, the artist keeps the painting and client’s non-refundable down payment.

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