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This is a watercolor of Carter Seed Store's door - a landmark in Memphis,Tennessee for many years, but is now gone.

This is an old baggage cart I found abandoned at the old Central train station in Memphis, Tennessee years ago.

This was an old barn off of I-40 express way going to Nashville, Tennessee.

This is a watercolor painting of a barn I found on the way to  to Gatlinburg, Tennesse - this is one of my favorite pantings.

This is a colored pencil drawing of the "Off-I-40" watercolor painting ( two spaces to the left ).

Watercolor of an old fishing boat in the summer that some fisherman left tied to a tree.

Impressionistic oil painting of McKellar Lake I painteed many years ago - I started this painting on the spot and finished it the same day in my studio. An old girlfriend talked me into giving it to her - bad move!

This was a comissioned large watercolor of two love birds, but look more like Amazon parrots to me - I named it "Mutt and Jeff".

Acrylic painting of a duck coming in for a landing - watch out fer them hunters duckie!

Acrylic painting of Memphis' riverside drive by the Mississippi.

Acrylic painting of Memphis,Tennesee skyline at twilight.

Oil paonting of the Teton mountains - I sold this painting to a dentist friend of mine.

Watercolor of Abrams Falls in The Smokie Mountains. A friend of mine a I hiked a mile to get to these falls, but it was worth it.

This is a watercolor "composit" of 3 different pic I took of shacks in the Ozark mountains outside Little Rock, Arkansas.

Watercolor painting of Carter's Seed Store in downtown Memphis,TN. This was a Memphis landmark for many years and many watercolor artists liked to paint it.

Watercolor of a magnolia blossom in full bloom.

Watercolor of an old shack I founf one day while taking pictures of Mississippi country scenes.




Limited- Edition Prints

Limited-Edition Prints by John Helms


 "Airing Out"

20 x 24" Overall Print Size

( 2" White boarder not shown in picture above )

Edition Size: 1500, Signed & Numbered

Item Name: Airing Out Limited Edition Print

Price: $39.99
"Rollin' on The River"

19 x 23" Overall Print Size

( 2" White boarder not shown in picture above )

Edition Size: 1400, Signed & Numbered

Item Name: Rollin' On The River Limited Edition Print

Price: $39.99





About The Prints

One of the benefits of living in the Mid-South area is the natural beauty of life beside the Mississippi.  Memphis is a confluence of our agricultural and industrial heritage as well as a fusion of culture.  As an artist, I am blessed to have such a rich landscape from which to draw my inspiration.

Each of these prints are printed one at a time by the artist on the highest quality paper available and each one is signed by the artist and matted in a white mat and shrink-wrapped.

All prints are 11" x 14" matted, suitable for any 11 x 14" ready made frame and sell for $25.00 each. Any "copyright symbols or words" you see on these images on my website will not be on the print or original that you order.


( Packaging and Shipping is included in this price! )



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