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                             Painting Classes                            

( Classes are on an on-going basis )


                Acrylic Painting Classes For Hobby Lobby Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Fri. & Sat.


August August  August August





No Class






5:00 - 7:30 pm


Hobby Lobby in

Collierville, TN



1:00 - 4:00 pm


Hobby Lobby in

Olive Branch, MS.





5:00 - 7:30 pm


Hobby Lobby in

Collierville, TN.

Hobby Lobby in Bartlett





No  Class



Acrylic and Watercolor Painting Classes At Hobby Lobby

By Noted Memphis Artist, John Helms

( Former Painting Instructor at Michael’s  )

Tuition: Cost of Supplies  plus $25 each time you come to class.  One, 3 hour class per week .  Let John know in advance if you want to sign up for a class before you come. This is the only way to know how many people are expected to be in each class. For all questions about registration, supplies or classes please email John Helms at   All class information and supplies lists may be accessed at  and click on the “class Info” link. Please do not call Hobby Lobby to register for classes. Also bring your painting supplies with you when you come to your first class – don’t wait until class time to buy your supplies – it’s not fair to the other students.





"Thank You In Advance For Taking My Class -

If you are serious about wanting to learn how to paint,

I promise I will teach you how to paint -

all you need is the desire to learn"

... John Helms





Please don't wait until the day of the class  to buy your supplies- have them ready before then. For any questions about supplies or classes please call or email John at ( see below ) All class information and supplies lists may be accessed at







Summary of the Instructor's Background:

( You can read John's complete biography at )

John taught watercolor, oil, and acrylic classes at Michaels Arts and Craft store in Eastgate Shopping

Center in Memphis, Tennessee for a year and four months, before he had a serious auto accident in June of

2007.  John received his formal  education at Mississippi College, the University of Memphis, and Memphis College of Arts.

In the 70's He started teaching adult watercolor, oil, and drawing classes at various churches and community centers throughout the Memphis area and first got recognition for his rural watercolor landscape paintings in the early 70's and soon gained a following. His work is in many public and private collections Nation-wide. He is now teaching acrylic classes at Hobby Lobby in Collierville, TN. and Olive Branch, MS.

John's Approach To Teaching: Since I learned fine art the 'old school' method, I teach the

'classical style' of art from the ground up so my students have a firm foundation for painting and a better

understanding of what color theory and mixing paint is all about before they even paint a picture, and my students

are having fun at the same time."




( Classes are on an on-going basis )


For Beginning Acrylic Class

After you get several paintings under your belt and learn the techniques for different elements in a painting and

 learn how to mix colors, then you can branch out and do your own subject matter. Email or call me if you have

 any questions. I use to teach from Jerry Yarnell's books - here are 5 of his books that I taught from for years.

 I now use pics of photos to paint from. I still recommend Jerry's books and tapes for learning however. You  

can find them  on at:

Jerry's official web site is:


Painting Basics Jerry Yarnell Volume One - Front Cover     Jerry Yarnell Painting Inspirations     Painting Magic Jerry Yarnell Volume Three - Front Cover     Painting Perspective Jerry Yarnell Volume Seven - Front Cover    Capturing Color Jerry Yarnell Volume Eight - Front Cover









"Thank You In Advance For Taking My Class -

If you are serious about wanting to learn how to paint,

I promise I will teach you how to paint -

all you need is the desire to learn"

... John Helms







This is my current palette for acrylic painting.

Starting from far left bottom corner

and going around the palette clockwise; Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Light,

Cadmium orange, Cadmium Red Light,  ( Hookers Green - I now use Sap Green ) ,

Burnt Sienna, Burnt umber, Yellow Ochre ( Thalo Green -I don't use it anymore ),

Dioxiane Purple, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, and Alarizan Crimson.

( I've added Cerulean Blue to my palette since this photo )

I saturated and folded wet Viva paper towels for my paint - this is a system

that Jerry Yarnell uses and works pretty good to keep your paints wet for weeks -

a lid seals the top of the palette and a wet, flat sponge goes inside to keep paints moist.

I also use white gesso for general tinting colors instead of wasting my Titanium White -

I use Titanium White for more intense whites and for highlights.

( Slightly different from above Palette )


Having a constant source of north light is essential for any artist's painting set-up.

My favorite time of the day to paint is during daylight hours - even on cloudy days.

Size Doesn't Matter : Don't let the size of your studio keep you from painting - The

important thing is just to discipline yourself to paint at least every other day.

There are many things that we all have to do - Don't wait until you can "find time

to paint" because it'll never happen - you have to "make time" to paint - schedule

the rest of your activities around your painting - not the other way around. I don't

even answer the phone when I'm in the "zone of a painting" and sometimes I just

unplug it so I won't be interrupted.



Art Supplies and Student Discounts

Since art supplies are so expensive buy them wherever you can find them on sale. Hobby Lobby and Michaels Stores have regular sales on art supplies, along with various craft items – Michael's sales circular usually comes in Sunday’s Commercial Appeal every other week and has a 40% off any regularly priced item coupon in it. Hobby Lobby has an on-line coupon every week that you can print out - go to : and follow the coupon link. Hobby also has unadvertised sales on art supplies every week .  Other sources for buying art supplies is and  - both of them will also mail you a free catalogue if you ask for it.


Recommended Books, Demos, Tapes, & On-line Forums

Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolor Tutorials - also Color Theory. Books and tapes also on Mr. Powell's web site. If you're serious about oil painting, study his oil painting tutorials.

Watercolor Tutorials - covers a broad range of watercolor painting techniques - also covers color theory and much more. This is an excellent web site for watercolor artists.

Acrylic Painting  - No On-line Tutorials, but has books and tapes reasonably priced on his web site - a good source for  acrylic painting. Jerry Yarnell also has a TV series every Saturday morning at 9:30am and 3:30pm Saturday afternoons on BYUTV, Channel 9403 on Dish Network.

I switch between the following acrylic books by Jerry Yarnell for teaching in class- Each book has color step-by-step  instructions and several paintings to choose from. The average class painting usually takes 6 to 8 weeks ( 12-16 hours ) to complete.

  • Painting Basics ( Acrylics ) volume 1 by Jerry Yarnell
  • Painting Inspirations ( Acrylics ) volume 2 by Jerry Yarnell
  • Painting Magic ( Acrylics ) volume 3 by Jerry Yarnell

Other Recommended Art Books:

  1. Color and How to Use It by William F. Powell ( a Walter Foster paper-back ) This is a good introductory book on beginner color theory with step by step painting demos. / $8.95
  2. Brush With Acrylics by Terry Harrison, artist ( Search Press ) large paper-back – Various painting techniques and step by step painting demos. /  $24.95
  3. Paint With Acrylics by Jerry Yarnell, artist ( A Leisure Arts Publication ) Over-sized paper-back, with step by step painting demos. /  $7.95


Recommended Viewing on TV:

·   Jerry Yarnell, acrylic artist, on BYUTV, Channel 9403 - Dish Network Only on Saturdays at 9:30am    and 3:30pm CST.

·  Every now and then Channel 10, WKNO ( PBS Network ) will have an fine-art related program on.

·  Also AMC Network.

Acrylic Demo:

Recommended Artist Forum on the Internet:  This is by far the largest international forum on the internet for artists. There are many channels on many categories to choose from, and in each of these channels are many, many  forums chock full with good information and good artists to learn from. Any artist on any level of experience can benefit from these forums.


Recommended  Free Art Lessons:


Click here for : Videos, Demos and Artists' Resources on this website


Painting Water:


Recommended Art Supply Web Sites that will $ave you $$$ :











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